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  • Raisins Flame
    Naturally flavorful and sweet, Jumbo Flame Raisins are twice as big and plump as ordinary raisins. Enjoy these Jumbo Flames anytime as a tasty snack. Jumbo Flames contain more nutritious antioxidants than regular raisins.
    $2.99 Per Lb
  • Raisins Golden
    A raisin that is treated with sulphur dioxide, which prevents the raisin from darkening. Golden raisins are dried with artificial heat, which results in a moister, plumper product. They have a sweet but tangier flavor than the dark raisins.
    $3.99 Per Lb
  • Raisins Thompson (All Natural)
    Thompon raisins naturally sun dry a very dark color. Thompson seedless raisins are made from the light green Thompson seedless grape.
    $3.49 Per Lb
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Showing 1-4 of 4 Products