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Our gift baskets and trays are filled with a multitude of goodies, from nuts to candy to dried fruit. We have something to please everyone.

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  • #133 Tropical Twist Swivel tray
    A Sweet, savory, and healthy twist to snacking ! Bring it to a pool party or enjoy it as a midday snack, the tropical Swivel is perfect for any occasion!
    $44.99 Per Unit
  • Summer Nut Lovers
    Salted Cashews, Salted in shell Pistachios, Raw Pecans, Raw Almonds, Butter Toasted Peanuts, Salted shelled Peanuts and Turkish Apricots.
    $24.99 Per Unit
  • Luxury Gourmet Basket
    An upscale basket with some of our signature best sellers.
    $149.99 Per Unit
  • Small Designer Dot Box
    A small fun gift with caramel creams, salted pistachios and milk chocolate mini pretzels.
    $12.99 Per Unit
  • Feel Better Soon
    Know someone who's not feeling well? This is the perfect little pick me up to send them with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Milk Chocolate Malt Balls and Salted Mixed Nuts.
    $12.99 Per Unit
  • Gold Dots Basket Box
    A simple gift with salted mixed nuts, merediths mess and white chocolate pretzels.
    $12.99 Per Unit
  • #47 Executive Basket
    A beautiful basket filled with a large selection of gourmet chocolate and nuts.
    $99.99 Per Unit
  • Gourmet Basket
    A thoughtful basket with a variety of sweets. Mint malt balls, Mini Twix bars, Roasted and salted cashews, Colombina fruit filled hard candy, Limoncello almonds, Licorice all sorts, Large assorted Swedish fish, Meredith's Mess trail mix, Dried mangoes and Triple treat cranberries
    $54.99 Per Unit
  • Flower Tray
    A beautiful tray with an assortment of nuts and dried friut in the shape of a lovely flower This tray contains pistachios cashews internatinal mix butter toasted peanuts raw almonds pears pineapple rings kiwi alittle cranberries
    $32.99 Per Unit
  • Small Designer Dots box
    A small but cute gift for that best friend This box contains salted pistachios caramel creams milk chocolate pretzels
    $12.99 Per Unit
  • Dorothy's Basket
    This basket has so many goodies, you will feel like you stepped foot in Oz! ** this basket includes Chocolate tootsie rolls Fruit bon bons Mixed fruit slices Maxi non pariel Meredith's mess Roasted and salted cashews Gummy bears Butter toasted peanuts Milk chocolate pretzels ** Dog not included
    $28.99 Per Unit
  • All Nut Round Tray
    For the nut lover in your life, this is a simple but perfect gift it contains Roasted and salted cashews Raw almonds Roasted and salted peanuts Pecan halves
    $24.99 Per Unit
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Showing 1-12 of 12 Products