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  • Caramel Popcorn
    Caramel covered popcorn. A delicious sweet treat!
    $2.98 Per Lb
  • Guacamole Bites 12oz
    Whether you are having a fiesta or just need a flavorful snack, these guacamole bites are full of avocado flavor.
    $2.99 Per Unit

    Out of stock

  • Multiseed Chips 12oz
    The perfect snack to munch on. These mini chips contain chia seeds, sesame seeds and flax seeds.
  • Popcorn
    Our big bags of salted popcorn are delicious. One taste and you'll be hooked. You've tried the rest now try the best popcorn around.
    $2.49 Per Unit
  • Toasted Corn
    Crunchy seasoned corn kernels.
    $4.49 Per Lb
  • Noshies
    A crunchy assortment of oriental rice snacks.
    $2.49 Per Lb
  • Peas Wasabi
    Roasted peas covered in a spicy wasabi coating. Just the right amount of kick for those who like just a little bit of spice.
    $2.99 Per Lb
  • Roasted & Salted Green Peas
    Delicious peas roasted and salted.
    $2.99 Per Lb
  • Not Pecans Salted
    They taste like pecans, but are actually not made of nuts at all!
    $6.99 Per Lb
  • Veggie Crisps
    Vegetable chips in a bag
    $0.99 Per Unit
  • Peanuts In Shell Medium Roast
    Roasted just the right amount of time for a wonderful taste.
    $2.49 Per Lb
  • Peanuts In Shell Dark Roast
    Roasted a little longer than our medium roasted peanuts non salted. These peanuts are darker in color with a bolder flavor.
    $2.49 Per Lb
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Showing 1-12 of 13 Products